Fuel Tank-200 (New style)

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Fuel Tank-200 (new Style)

Fuel tank for 200 series. Tank Measures 16" Long X 9" High X 10" Wide (This includes welded seam)

This is a new style. NOTE: this tank takes new style plastic fuel cap.

*** For 3 cylinder engines this Tank uses the new Fuel Return Line Listed below in related products Part # Y385T-B016-10400.  For 2 cylinder engines you may need the Fuel Line C-TY290 Style 3 return line if your current return line does not already have a banjo fitting at the fuel tank. You will also need an additional 12mm banjo bolt  (sold separately)to thread into the return line opening in the tank.This tank will not work with your old return line. The female fitting where the return line meets the tank has been changed and will not fit the male fitting on previous return lines. The new style utilizes a banjo bolt and fitting to secure the line to the tank. ***


The following diagrams include this part.

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