Finding the Make and Model of Your Jinma Tractor and Engine

When it comes time to buy replacement Jinma tractor parts, there are two pieces of information that will be indispensable: the make and model of your tractor, and the model of your engine.

This information is generally easy to get—on most tractors the make and model will be painted on the side of your hood. For example, the tractor pictured to the left has Jinma 180 painted along the side of the hood. Most tractors come from the factory with the brand and model number painted on the hood like this. Check for small metal plates on the dash, inside the cab, or on the front fender for additional make and model information.

If your tractor has had an aftermarket paint job or the stencil has faded over time, you’ll need to do a bit more work. The next best option is to identify the model of your engine and work backward. Begin by opening your hood and locating the metal information tag on your engine. These tags can be found on the valve cover or the side of the engine block. You can then use the list below to match your engine model with the correct Jinma tractor model.

Jinma Tractor Models and Engines

Jinma 200-224 (also includes 180-184) Engines:

  • TY290 - 2 Cylinder
  • TY295 - This engine was not used very often at all. It’s a 2-cylinder version of the TY395. Note: this is not the same engine as the 295T.
  • Yang Dong TY380 - 3 Cylinder
  • LaiDong LL380 - 3 Cylinder

Jinma 254-284 Engines:

  • Yang Dong Y385T - 3 Cylinder
  • LaiDong KM385 - 3 Cylinder

Jinma 304-354 Engines:

  • TY395 Yang Dong TY485 - 4 Cylinder
  • Laidong 4L22 - 4 Cylinder
  • Yang Dong TY480 - This engine is not common (used primarily in generators).

Jinma 404-454 Engines:

  • SL3105ABT - 3 cylinder
  • C490BT - 4 cylinder
  • A498BT - 4 cylinder

Jinma 504-554 Engines:

  • SL4105ABT - 4 cylinder

Hopefully, these tips can point you in the right direction. When it comes to replacements, we recommend keeping these tractor parts on hand, and if you need it, here's some help identifying your Jinma tractor oil filter. If you’re still struggling to identify the make and model of your tractor or the engine model, give us a call at 1-855-330-5272 and we’d be glad to help. And if you don't have a Jinma Tractor, we offer assistance with other Chinese tractor brands as well.