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Jinma 3 Finger Clutch Adjustment

It’s important to properly maintain your Chinese tractor whether it's staying on top of Jinma service intervals and fluid capacities or maintaining your Jinma tractor in the off-season. One thing you may need to do is a clutch adjustment. 

On your Jinma tractor, clutch adjustments are done through the inspection cover on the side of the bellhousing, with the clutch installed on the flywheel. If you have a front-end loader attached to the tractor, remove the mounting bracket in order to expose the inspection opening. Rotate the flywheel or the crankshaft pulley to make each of these adjustments. If your tractor is equipped with a compression release, clamp it in the open position to allow the flywheel to turn more freely.

Now you're ready to adjust your Jinma clutch:

1)  First, set the Release Finger gap. There are two nuts on each finger. The top is the lock nut and the bottom is the adjustment nut. Turn the adjustment nut until the gap between the finger and the throwout bearing is 2.5mm, and then tighten each lock nut. Repeat this process for each finger. It's very important to set each finger exactly the same. If you don't set the gap of each finger evenly, the clutch will wear unevenly.

2) Next, set the PTO gap. There are two nuts between each finger on the clutch. The top is the lock nut and the bottom is the adjustment nut. Insert a 1.5mm feeler gauge between the BOTTOM of the adjustment nut and the pressure plate. Tighten the adjustment until it touches the gauge, and then tighten the lock nut. Repeat this process for each set of nuts.

3) Next, adjust your clutch pedal freeplay to about 1 inch using the turnbuckle below the clutch pedal.

4) Double-check each measurement after tightening the lock nuts to ensure that they have not changed.

REMEMBER: Do not leave your foot on the clutch pedal while the tractor is in motion. These clutches are very sensitive to any amount of riding the clutch.

With those easy steps, that's all there is to it. If you need any Jinma Tractor parts other than clutch parts, be sure to take a look at our full inventory of Jinma and other brands of tractor parts. We carry thousands of parts at great prices. And if you looking for more Jinma Tractor maintenance, preparing for winter could be your next step.