Jinma Wood Chipper Pre-Operation Checklist

To ensure safety, it's important to do a thorough check of your Jinma wood chipper before use. Here is a quick checklist to make sure you don't miss anything:

1) Perform a complete check of all nuts and bolts to make sure everything is tight. Double-check cutting blade and bed blade bolts and nuts.

2) Remove the yellow housing covering the PTO shaft pulleys, and check the alignment of the main pulleys with V-Belts. Use a straightedge and adjust the set screws on the bearing housing and resetting, as necessary. 

3) Remove the yellow cover on the left side of the chipper, as connected to tractor. Lube the grease fittings on the PTO shaft and in-feed roller shaft. Check the oil level in the green in-feed gear box and add oil, if needed. Lube the in-feed drive shaft U-joints with white lithium spray grease. Set the gap between bed blade and flywheel/chipper blade between .010” to .030”. The bed blade is located underneath the in-feed roller at the back of the hopper. For more info on lubricating your wood chipper, read our Jinma Wood Chipper Lubrication Guide.

4) Check to make sure the PTO shaft is the correct length. If the PTO shaft is too long, cut to the correct length to ensure the shaft does not bind as the 3-point moves up and down. A PTO shaft that is too long will damage your wood chipper. 

5) Perform regular maintenance on the machine by checking the belts, greasing the points listed above, and checking the oil in the gear box.

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