Wood Chipper Lubrication Guide

By lubricating your Jinma wood chipper, you can prevent wear and tear and keep your implement running smoothly for the long haul. It's just a three-step process:

1) Locate the yellow cover over the in-feed disengagement shaft. Remove this cover by removing the holding bolts and nuts, and the pin on top of the handle. These bolts generally use a 13mm wrench or ratchet to remove.

2) Grease each of the points on the in-feed shaft and gearbox. For the U-joints on each end of the shaft, use a spray form of grease such as White Grease. Remove the white plug in the top of the green in-feed drive gearbox and check to make sure oil is covering the gears. Use a high-quality light gear oil, such as 85W140 or similar weight.

  •  Pump grease into each fitting until it is visible on each end of the shaft, between the shaft and the spring for the drive knob, and on the left side of the shaft.
  • Any standard-sized grease gun will work for these grease fittings.

3) Replace the yellow cover with the six holding bolts. Do not over-tighten the bolts.

There are additional grease fittings located in various other spots of the wood chipper. These should be greased as needed. See your wood chipper parts manual for any additional instructions.

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