Wood Chipper - Video Transcription

Hello everyone, it's Justin with Circle G Tractors.

I just wanted to give you guys a basic walkthrough of our Jinma 8-inch PTO Wood Chippers.

Once you have these assembled, the first thing you want to do is take off your cover plate for the part that attaches to the PTO on your tractor.

You'll have your upper and lower bearing blocks, and you want to check these set screws, make sure they're nice and tight

For your grease fittings you'll want to re-grease those, if necessary. Make sure you check those, it's very important.

You'll have five belts right here you, want to make sure the tension is good for you, as well, that's very important.

And also if you walk to the other side of the chute, under this cover you'll have your worm gear your in-feed drive shaft under here
and you'll also have another belt you want to check that belt and make sure that the tension on there is acceptable as well.

Our Jinma wood chippers now come with adjustable shoots, so you can adjust those to your needs, as necessary.  All the covers are also adjustable, as well.

Friendly Reminder: check your chipper shredder regularly for signs of wear that would indicate a need to seek wood chipper replacement parts!

Your in-feed hopper is right here, you'll have these safety guard rails on both sides of it this is where the material goes in.

Make sure that nothing over eight inches (8”) goes inside.

If you lift this flap up you'll see the actual in-feed roll that breaks up the material that you're putting in.

Make sure nothing unauthorized goes in here. You'll see right here this is your support stand for the end feed hopper and if you need to stop your roller you have your lever here you just pull this down and that will stop your in-feed roll right there, so if you haven't stopped it.

That pretty much covers the basics on our Jinma 8” wood chippers.

We’ll have links available on our site to help you further. If necessary you can email us or give us a call as well.

Have a great day!