What is a PTO Wood Chipper?

A PTO wood chipper is an implement that draws power from a tractor’s PTO shaft to grind and shred wood. PTO stands for "power take off" which refers to the splined output shaft on the tractor. A driveshaft connects the PTO of the tractor to the wood chipper. The power source of the tractor then spins the flywheel of the chipper shredder to help auto feed the wood or small branches through the feed hopper. Once it is in the feed hopper, the cutting blades on the flywheel will mulch the wood into chips.

What’s Great About PTO Wood Chippers?
Using the PTO efficiently transfers power to the wood chipper using the tractors engine. Doing so can supply more power than a gas-powered or electric wood chipper shredder. They are built to be durable machines that do the heavy lifting for you. The flywheel inside of the chipper grinds up the wood via a feed roller. This feed roller is self-powered to keep your wood moving freely through the machine. They are also built to be mounted directly to your tractor via the lift assembly.

Where Would I Use a Wood Chipper Like This?
Whether you’re a landscape business owner looking to mulch debris, or a homeowner who needs to do some shredding and clearing of branches and limbs from your personal property, a PTO wood chipper will get the job done. It is compact enough for personal use but built to withstand commercial use. Electric wood chippers are certainly up to most tasks, but the drawbacks are their lower power output, and the additional upkeep of specialized parts, in addition (of course) for the need of electric power to be run to your mulcher's location. While electric wood chippers are a great option, they do not generally have the same heavy duty construction or horsepower expected out of most chipper shredder devices.

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What is a 3 point wood chipper?
A 3-point PTO wood chipper is designed to be mounted to a tractor's 3 point lift assembly. The advantage to using a 3 point wood chipper shredder is that it is easily portable. You would not have to find another means of transporting the chipper because it attaches directly to the back on your tractor for easy transport. If you have a tractor you regularly use, even just as a lawn mower, then you just found a way to extend its capability to even more lawn maintenance opportunities.

Once you have placed your material into the chipper, the self-feeding roller uses gravity in conjunction with the flywheel to push your branches through the grinder to produce wood chips. The flywheel continues to spin via the power source of the PTO shaft, giving you continued power to mulch for longer. There is no collection bag on most wood chippers, but the discharge chute will throw all of your mulched, chipped, or shredded material into a separate trailer or wheelbarrow for easy transport.

Hydraulic Feed
Hydraulic feed chipper shredders work in conjunction with your tractor’s hydraulics to feed materials through the machine's grinder. This allows you to control the power and speed at which you want to chip multiple pieces of wood with much greater accuracy. Heavy duty power for all kinds of operations.

The Jinma PTO Wood Chipper Shredder
We offer an 8” self-feeding 3 point PTO wood chipper/shredder manufactured by Jinma Tractors. While originally designed for Jinma tractors, it works perfectly with any smaller model PTO tractor (18-45 horsepower). And for the price (plus free shipping to most places), it's a value you will be hard-pressed to beat! (And did we mention the warranty? (see below))


  • 8” max diameter chipping capacity
  • Adjustable chip deflector
  • Adjustable blower chute
  • Adjustable side lift points
  • 2-sided adjustable cutting blades
  • Adjustable bed blade
  • Safety bar to disengage feed roller
  • Mechanical self-feed


  • 8” inch feed roll
  • 5 drive belts
  • 1 feed drum roller belt
  • 2 10” cutting blades
  • 1 10” bed blade
  • 1 3/8” 6 splined PTO shaft
  • Cat 1, 3 point hitch
  • 18-45 horsepower input

Ready to learn more about Jinma's PTO Wood Chipper?

OEM Factory Chipper Replacement Parts:

We carry all of the wood chipper shredder replacement parts the factory has to offer. Whether you need a replacement flywheel, spark plug, or just a basic set of screws we have it in stock. If we do not have it in stock, it is one simple order away. 

Here is a basic list of the wood chipper parts and resources we have:

  • Parts and Operation Manuals
  • Free Lubrication Guide
  • Complete Chipper Blade Set
  • Infeed Driveshaft
  • Free Pre-Op / Setup Checklist
  • Wood Chipper Flywheel
  • Worm Reduction Gear
  • PTO Shaft
  • Various Feed Roll Bearings

For a full list of specific parts we have available, view the complete catalog

Woodchipper Reduction Ratio

You may hear the term "reduction ratio" used in reference to a chipper shredder, and that simply means "how much material can be chipped, as compared to its original size." If you had 5 bags of debris that your mulcher shredder could turn into one bag of chips, then you'd have a 5:1 reduction ratio. See, those math teachers were right, you will need that stuff in real life.

And Finally, A Few Words About Wood Chipper Safety

As with any outdoor power equipment, safety should come first. Keep these four tips in mind when you’re using a wood chipper/shredder.

  1. Tuck Clothing. If you have ANY baggy clothes, change into something more tight fitting. If sleeves, then roll them up. Jewelry such as necklaces or bracelets should be removed as well.  
  2. Wear Protective Gear.  Safety goggles and heavy duty gloves are a must for safely operating your mulcher chipper shredder. Even the littlest pieces of wood can fly out and cut you. A non-serious injury of this sort is still an injury you can avoid. (We don't want any scenes from Fargo here, folks.)
  3. Feed Small Pieces of Debris.  While this Jinma Wood Chipper Shredder in particular is rated up to 8" be discerning about how much, and what size, material to push into the system. 
  4. Slowly Feed the Chipper.  If you are able, keep as far back from the chipper shredder as possible. Let the PTO power pull material into the grinder without reaching too close. Use a pole to push wood, if needed. (Remember, no Fargo.)


The Jinma PTO Wood Chipper Warranty

Limited Warranty Details
This wood chipper Limited Warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three years from date of first purchase, with exclusions noted herein. Circle G warrants Parts Only, Excluding Labor.  Upon its determination that parts are defective, Circle G will provide those replacement parts to the original purchaser.  Circle G Tractor Crop reserves the right to make changes to its product designs and specifications or to discontinue parts.  This warranty includes the cost to ship the parts using carriers and services chosen by Circle G.  Purchaser may choose other carriers and services with additional costs to be paid by Purchaser.  Circle G reserves to right to require photos and other details from customer prior to parts replacement.

Limitations and Exclusions
This warranty specifically excludes: 1) normal wear and tear items, including blades, belts, pto shafts, feed rollers etc, 2) wood chippers used commercially or for rental, 3) damage resulting from negligence, improper maintenance and lubrication, incorrect adherence to manufacturer's instructions, and misuse. 4) Cosmetic imperfection that do not affect normal use.

The replacement of defective parts as described herein is the exclusive warranty provided by Circle G.  This warranty supersedes all other, oral, written, express or implied.  All express and implied warranties, including, but not limited to, any implied warranties and warranties for merchantability or fitness for a particular  purpose are disclaimed. Circle G does not accept liability for incidental or consequential damages, or for any third party claims for damages against retail purchaser of this product.  Circle G does not accept liability for any damage resulting from the use or the inability to use this product.