Why You Should Purchase a Jinma Wood Chipper

Do you have a build up of brush, limbs, and material you need to clear? Are you a landscaper looking to grow your business? Have you recently upgraded from an ATV or lawn mower to a heavy duty tractor? Are you ready to expand your tractor implements?  

If you’re looking for an easy to use, heavy duty, self-feeding PTO driven wood chipper, you need the Jinma Wood Chipper. A Jinma Wood Chipper transfers power efficiently from the tractor's engine to the chipper. It is designed to be mounted to a tractor's three-point lift assembly and has plenty of features that make this the 3pt wood chipper you need to invest in.


This tractor wood chipper is compatible with Jinma, Farm Pro, and many other tractor brands, but does require a tractor with at least 18-45 horsepower.


The Jinma Wood Chipper is attached directly to your tractor which eliminates any need to transport the chipper using a trailer, trailer hitch, or any other additional method or required parts.


The mechanical self-feeding system allows for fewer moving parts, or in your case, fewer parts that will need replacing. For example, a hydraulic feed wood chipper shredder requires more maintenance and more replacement parts over the course of ownership due to more wear items. 

One way to prevent wear and tear is proper lubrication which you can learn more about with our Wood Chipper Lubrication Guide. Also, before using your Jimna chipper, follow this Pre-Operation Checklist to prevent any unnecessary damage. 

The common wear items on the Jinma Wood Chipper include the blades, belts, and bearings. All of these items are easy to replace parts and do not require taking the entire chipper apart.  


The adjustability of the PTO wood chipper is another way the Jinma sets itself apart from other self-feeding systems. You can reverse the cutting blades and bed blade as well as set your gaps. This allows for prolonged use of one set of blades while wood chipping. 

The discharge chute offers options for dispersing chips in multiple directions, depending on your preference, and without the need for a collection bag. The lift points on the bottom of the chipper are attached to a sliding mount. This allows it to be moved closer or further away from the category one PTO connection in case you decide you need a different PTO shaft length.

Feed Size, Speed

The Jinma Wood Chipper offers an eight-inch (8”) self-feeding roll to accommodate eight inch logs, branches, or limbs, and of course small branches, leaves, and twigs. It uses five drive belts to keep the flywheel rotating smoothly. 

The feed chipper incorporates what’s known as a “worm gear box.” The worm gear allows the chipper to have a higher torque output at a lower feed roll speed. On the worm gear side, it uses one drive belt to allow power between the gearbox and feed roll. This features a welded U-joint style driveshaft for a significantly stronger connection.

Wood Chipper Safety

The automatic roller feeds make using your chipper much safer than others, including electric start chippers. Allow the rollers to do the work rather than manually forcing limbs and branches into the feed chute. 

There is also a safety bar setup to disengage the feed roller. It has five drive belts and one feed roller belt. This allows for a smooth transition of power from the PTO shaft to the wood chipper.


The Jimna 8” PTO Wood Chipper is the best bang for your buck. Compared to other PTO woodchippers, the Jimna is less than two thousand dollars. If you purchase your chipper through Circle G Tractor Parts, you get free shipping, and you have the opportunity for it to be shipped to the nearest YRC Terminal convenient to you.

Wood Chipper Warranty

The Jimna Wood Chipper comes with a Limited Warranty covering defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three years from the date of first purchase, with some limitations and exclusions.  

The Jinma Wood Chipper’s heavy duty design integrates rugged reliability and sustainable use. Whether you’re a landscaper, hobby farmer, or just need to clear some brush from your property, this PTO driven wood chipper will suit your needs. 

If you’re still unsure if which chipper is right for you, read more about PTO Wood Chippers.  If you would like more information or to talk to a Circle G Customer Service representative to assist you in finding the right machine for your wood chipping needs, please call or contact us today!