How To Wire an Ignition Switch on Your Jinma Tractor

If you have been troubleshooting a tractor that won’t start, you might’ve discovered you have a bad ignition switch that needs to be replaced. Here you will find instructions on how to wire a new ignition for JinmaFarmPro, or Nortrac Tractors. (Check this out first if you need help finding the year, make and model of your Jinma Tractor.)

Wiring an Ignition Switch For a Jinma Tractor

Before you begin, it is always recommended that you label each ignition system wire before you remove the faulty ignition switch. Typical electrical system wiring for the JK290A Ignition switch is below, however, the existing wiring may vary.   

    Wire labeled 12 (Glow Plugs) goes to Terminal #3 on the ignition switch

    Wire 10 (Solenoid/Starter) goes to Terminal #4 

    Wire 6 (Gauges) goes to Terminal #2 

    Wire 5 (Hot Wire from Fuse Box) goes to Terminal #1

How to Test for Continuity (Use the resistance/Ohm section of meter)

Select resistance on meter, connect one meter wire to solenoid small wire, glow plugs, or gauges and touch the other meter wire to each wire at ignition switch to determine correct wire for Ignition Switch wiring.

    Gauges - #2 Terminal on Ignition Switch

    Glow Plugs - #3 Terminal

    Solenoid/Starter - #4 Terminal

How to Test for Voltage (Use DC side of meter) 

Connect the black wire to ground and touch each wire at the ignition switch with the red wire to determine which wire is hot. 

    Hot Wire - #1 Terminal

Need a new ignition key or other Jinma Tractor parts? We suggest these parts to keep on hand for your tractor. And if you don't have a Jinma Tractor, we offer assistance with other Chinese tractor brands as well. If you’re still having any difficulty, give us a call at 1-855-330-5272 and we’d be happy to help.