Maintaining Your PTO Wood Chipper

Whether you have owned a woodchipper shredder for a long time or you’ve just recently purchased one such as the Jinma PTO Wood Chipper, there are practices you can implement to keep your machine wood chipping in top shape for the long haul. Although chippers are heavy duty machines, they do still require particular maintenance to ensure it stays in good working condition and continues to properly shred sticks and branches as needed. 

Woodchippers are susceptible to issues when fundamental parts develop wear and tear such as blocked discharge chutes, bad oil, and more. Follow the recommended maintenance schedule manufacturer's guide.

Before each use, make sure to go through a Pre-Operation Checklist. This will ensure you are operating your woodchipper in its best condition, and it will more importantly keep you safe. For more on best practices on safely operating your chipper shredder, review these Wood Chipper Safety Guidelines

Your chipper shreds different types of materials that can build up in the shredder hopper or chipper chutes such as grass, leaves, wood dust, stems, and vines. Clear debris each time you operate your chipper, but also as a part of your maintenance practices.

Inspect bolts and screws for correct tightness frequently to make sure the chipper is in proper working condition. One way to maintain your PTO Wood Chipper is by proper lubrication. You can study this Jinma Wood Chipper Lubrication Guide for further details. 

Change the oil after you’ve used the machine for 8 hours initially.  The oil only required being changed about every 50 hours or so of wood chipping after that. An important part of chipper maintenance is making sure your wood chipper blades remain sharpened. Sharpen or replace your chipper blades around twenty-five hours of use.

You should never operate your PTO woodchipper with any faulty parts. Whether it is chipper blades, flange bearings, or fan blades, always replace them in due time as required. Search our entire inventory for any Jinma Wood Chipper parts you may need replacing from our fully stocked warehouse. 

Because the PTO Wood Chipper uses power from your tractor, maintaining your tractor is just as imperative to your chipper as maintaining the chipper itself. Periodic maintenance such as proper oil changes requires identifying your oil filter. We’ve outlined ways for maintaining your Jinma Tractor for reference, but remember that a Jinma Wood Chipper is compatible with many 18-45 horsepower tractor brands including JinmaFarm Pro, and many others.If you purchased or are interesting in purchasing a PTO Wood Chipper from Circle G Tractor Parts & Supplies, we offer a limited three year warranty that will cover defects in materials or workmanship from the date of first purchase for three years, with limitations and exclusions. And if you’re still not convinced what chipper is right for you, consider these reasons why you should purchase a Jinma Wood Chipper

If you have any questions about your Woodchipper maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact us by giving us a call toll-free at 855-330-5272 or locally at 615-315-5686. Our customer service team is available to help you troubleshoot any maintenance problems and keep your woodchipper in working condition and wood chipping well.